Isla de Pascua - Easter Island
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This was likely one of my most favorite ventures. Easter Island is an amazing - remote - and beautiful destination. We traveled as part of a bigger trip to see South America for our first time. Easter Island is part of Chile and as part of any trip into Chile there is a Reciprocity fee of about $140 USD to enter Chile. This fee is a one-time only, for the life of your passport requirement. You obtain this at the airport where you enter into Chile, in our case, in Santiago.

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As a group of four, we continued as part of a larger journey out of Santiago on a flight to "Isla de Pascua" or Easter Island. Because of how the flights work, we spent about 4 days touring this small island. What amazed me was how small this island is. The airport's runway extends from one side and by the time you land you are on the other side of the island.

We split our trip into spending one day checking out the craters/volcanos, the next driving around the island to see the Moai's (the head statues) and a final day horseback riding up a mountain where you can see a 360 view of the entire island. The restaurants and food on the island is very expensive - so we sucked it up and packed lunches and enjoyed some of the local delicacies. There was a fishing boat permanently out at sea close by the island which I assume much of their food came from.

It was neat to see wild horses roaming, the landscape had few trees and the village was peaceful and pleasant. The Moai's were an amazing site, there is a quarry where many of the statues originated from, here there are heads peeking out all around this hill. From a satellite view there are these craters at points on the island, these are volcanos and in themselves a pretty cool site to see. Near one of them "Mirador Rano Kau" is "Orongo" a preserved stone village.

We were able to achieve travel by using British Airway miles through their partner carrier American airlines. For our larger trip, we used 40,000 British Airway points to fly from Detroit down to Buenos Aires and Santiago back to Detroit. We used 20,000 additional British Airway points to fly from Santiago round trip to and back from Easter Island. We later learned we could have achieved this entire trip using just the original 40,000 as the British air miles are pretty flexible so long as you use the same carrier through the entire journey.

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