APPCRASH MMC KB2449742 Windows Security Patch
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After installing the latest Windows security patches (Office and other Microsoft patches as well) onto my Dev Windows 2008 SP2 server (which also has Exchange, SQL, Hyper-V, IIS among other services installed) the server began to demonstrate various difficulties after the follow-up reboot. Event viewer, Exchange Management Console, SQL Management Console, Exchange/Windows Powershell - all would crash "APPCRASH" upon execution. Complaints of Outlook Web Access (OWA) & Mac Outlook 2011 clients stop working after installation of the patches.

Performing some research online, people have suggested rolling back these security patches would resolve the issue. I went to Add/Remove (Program and Features), View Installed Updates, Order the updates by the "Installed" column, and selected to uninstall all the Windows Security updates I had performed that day. I did not uninstall Office or the other various updates installed.

Upon reboot - everything did indeed return to normal. Apparently, through further review by people of the below forum, the update to blame is "KB2449742" - I have not yet tried to re-apply all the updates except this one, but this Security Update for .NET Framework apparently is creating problems for MMC.

It goes further to suggest that Microsoft's resolution is to uninstall this update (KB2449742), WinRM 2.0 and PowerShell 2.0 - reboot and then reinstall each of these in the reverse order.

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