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I have found that search engines, like Google, will only index the first page to my site which is made up of mostly Dynamic ASP content. I am in the process of updating my personal site and believe that by removing any "?" and "&" in the URLs throughout the content will greatly improve the likelihood that these pages will get indexed.

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10097 2/23/2010 2:55:46 PM Database 3215 To accomplish this, I created a folder on my site "CaseID," setup a "HTTP R  Collapse ...
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To accomplish this, I created a folder on my site "CaseID," setup a "HTTP Redirect" in IIS on that folder for a page at the root "/DanielJChu-CaseRedirect.asp?hdnID=$V&" - the "$V" will be replaced by IIS with the path and parameters provided to the original URL. Check "The exact URL entered above."

So for an example, "" will redirect to: "/DanielJChu-CaseRedirect.asp?hdnCaseID=/CaseID/26.asp&"

Next, you create the receiving page (in my case DanielJChu-CaseRedirect.asp) which parses out the ID in the passed parameter and simply does a "#include virtual" statement to include the original source code.

Example Redirect Script:
    vID = "0"
    vExpandActionID = "0"
    If LEN(TRIM(Request("hdnID"))) Then
        vID = REPLACE(REPLACE(LCASE(Request("hdnID")),"/caseid/",""),".asp","")
        vID = "0"
    End If

    If InStr(1,vID,"-") Then
        vExpandActionID = MID(vID,InStr(1,vID,"-")+1)
        vID = MID(vID,1,InStr(1,vID,"-")-1)
    End If
<!--#include virtual ="/originalpage.asp"-->

Procedure in IIS 7.0:

This process will, I hope, make the dynamic content appear as a static page to the search engines. The search engines will crawl the site including the dynamic content for future searches.

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