Cisco VoIP Phone Switch Over
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The Summer project for 2008 was to migrate ourselves from an Analog phone system over to a Digital VoIP Cisco phone solution. This would include the
-   3 Cisco Call Manager
-   Cisco ER System
-   Cisco Unity Voice Mail System
-   Captaris RightFax System
-   Integrated into our Exchange 2007 environment

We employed a consulting group to acquire the Cisco servers, layout a proposal and implement the solution using the helpdesk and Network Admin staff to assist.

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Some sample illustrations of the Port Database are shown below. This web form allowed us to enter in and map out the network ports campus wide that was then exported out and imported into the Cisco Call Manager, Unity, ER and RightFax systems.

As part of this process, we needed to:
-   Deploy power over ethernet switches replacing the non powered switches where needed throughout the two campuses - all network gear, from the core to the access points are Cisco technologies; therefore, all acquired switches would be as well
-   Build a method to record all port to switch to phone extension campus wide (primarily for ER reasons)
-   Use this data to populate the schema in the Cisco VoIP environment
-   Deploy, side by side, the new phones next to the existing phones - new phones would not work for receiving calls, but outgoing and learning the new phones was available
-   After completion of initial deployment, switch over the main lines to the new phone system; thereby, deactivating the original analog infrastructure
-   Begin cleanup process and remove the original handsets from the users
-   Finally, deploy additional areas requiring phones, such as class rooms etc.

My role was to
-   Assist the consultants with the server builds
-   Created a "Port Database" which would provide a web based interface for the recording of the network ports, phone extensions and switch port assignments campus wide
-   Worked with helpdesk and the Network Admin group to map out & enter in the network ports/phone extensions and switch ports network wide
-   Extract the data entered into the "Port Database" into a format that the consultants could use to import the data into the Cisco Call Manager, Unity, ER & RightFax systems - these details were also imported into A.D. IP Phone & Fax fields for associated user accounts
-   Created "Voice Mail Only" and "Shared Fax" network accounts - all systems were unified into Exchange 2007 for Voice Mail and Fax services

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