900 Site-to-Site VPN Tunnel
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A proposal driven by the State of Ohio Attorney General's office & the Ohio Association Chief of Police (OACP) was granted for fulfillment by ASCI. This project consisted of an Information Sharing program being developed by OACP and tasked for ASCI to establish secure access to the central system hosted at the Attorney General's office in Columbus, Ohio by about 900 affiliated Police and Sheriff agencies state wide.

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10048 2/11/2010 8:48:50 PM Network 3404 contact@danieljchu.com The Network Engineers at ASCI created the conceptual network design, from t  More ...
10049 2/11/2010 8:48:50 PM Development 3352 contact@danieljchu.com As a result of all equipment using the same basic config, I developed a web  Collapse ...
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As a result of all equipment using the same basic config, I developed a web based interface that created & recorded the configs for each site. As part of each agencies initial tech interview, a web based form was populated with the pertinent details of the agency by the Network Engineer. These details were recorded, merged into the base config, the config was then posted into a form field where the Network Engineer could manipulate any specific adjustments to that site and the final config was posted to both the database as well as a text based file that was then pushed out to the devices. At the end of the contract, this data could then be supplied to OACP and the Attorney General.

After visiting nearly 100 agencies, establishing the conceptual network design deployed out to the 900 agencies and creating the web interface that established the config for the devices, I learned a great deal about network architecture and a variety of network devices.

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